Vas Carbons are manufacturers of Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon, which is used significantly in varied applications. Vas Carbons customizes Shell based Activated Carbon according to the customer's requirements and specifications.

Water Purification

The need to solve the alarming rate of increase in water contaminants in potable and sewage water saw the emergence of Shell based Activated Carbon in granular and powdered form. They help in the removal of Colour, Taste and Odour (CTO) from potable and processed water. Simultaneously, we believe in developing technologies that mitigate the scarce water resources in the world and alleviate the carbon footprints of water.

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Air Purification

We live in a world of urbanization which has led to a life fraught with pollution. Shell Activated Carbon adsorbs organic (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well as certain inorganic molecules and odour from air in order to purify the environment around. This is carried out through Vapour Phase range of products from Vas Carbons.

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Cigarette Filters

Smoke from tobacco is a constant peril. It is believed that five million people lose their lives every year due to cigarette related illness. Carbonless filters do not eliminate the toxins expelled from cigarettes. Vas Carbons has effectively been able to remove the complex chemicals from cigarette smoke through their Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon.

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Gold Purification

Our Gold Carbons offer the highest gold adsorption and desorption capacities to effectively provide minimal loss while maximizing the yield. They are one of the best offered in the industry, which suits all processes, such as Carbon-in-Leach, Carbon-in-Pulp and Carbon-in-Column.

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Petro Chemical

Oil and natural gas come with a lot of discolouration and contaminants. These can be refined using Vas Carbons Shell based Activated Carbon.

They decolour, deodorize, desulphurize and extract impurities and poisonous substances from oil and gas. Additionally, they are used as a catalyst in the synthetic industry.

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Food and Beverage

Vas Carbons Shell based Activated Carbon is used to decaffeine, remove odour and colour. It acts as a good preservative and can be safely handled without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the food. Activated Carbon helps in enhancing the flavours of certain foods in its powdered and granulated forms.

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Customized Carbons

There is no one size that fits all. Vas Carbons products are customized according to customer specifications and requirements, which vary from surface modification to ash and moisture reduction to abrasion enhancement.

We also manufacture impregnation carbon such as Silver, Potassium Nitrate and Catalytic.

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